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How to get a tank water heater.
When it comes to replacing your las vegas water heater we have many sizes and brands to choose from and will focus on installing the best water heater for your home without trying to sell you something you don’t need which would cost you more and make us more money


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Las Vegas Water Heater Replacement

Providing The Best Services City wide

Las Vegas Water Heater Replacement experts always put the customer first and will make sure you feel like family.
Our Selection Is Vast
Our selection is vast
If you only need a 30-gallon water heater we have you covered. If your needs are greater and you need one or several large water heaters in the 100-gallon range then we have a great selection to choose from.
Brands Of Water Heaters
We offer many brands of water heaters.
We carry Rheem, GE, A.O. Smith, Kenmore, Bradford, Whirlpool and many others. Even though we have listed only a few of the brands most commonly purchased we have access to all other specialty brands and water heater units.
Discount until
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Our Rates Are Affordable
Our rates are affordable
You may be thinking that Lowes or Home Depot may be the best to work with but they sub-contract their installation services to some of the lowed priced companies in town, but still charge you high rates. Cut the middle man out and hire a company who has years of experience and who will provide a great installation of your water heater without breaking the bank.
We Only Install High Quality Water Heaters.
We only install high quality water heaters.
You can rest assured knowing that we have your best interests at heart. If we think you are purchasing the wrong water heater then we will let you know! We are vested just as much as you are at this point because we want your experience to be perfect so you don’t have to call us back to fix anything!
Customer Services
High customer service after installation.
We believe that true customer service is given even after the sale is made, the check is cashed and spent. Once a customer, always a customer; we keep our customers for life because of how we treat them before, during and after the sale.
When you need your Las Vegas water heater replaced then we will make sure you get the right storage tank size and brand that fits your needs and household habits. You should never run out of hot water no matter what time of the day or how long your shower is. Call us to find out more!
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